Service Rates

North East Florida’s only SCUBAPRO Expert technician! The Expert Technician rating from SCUBAPRO requires attendance of a minimum 45 hours of training over a 2 year period with continued re-certification every other year. This training is conducted directly by SCUBAPRO’s Technical Services Manager and not a third party.

We are also PSI certified. PSI is the leading training agency for SCUBA cylinder related work. Their training exceeds the standards for the US DOT(US Department of Transportation), CGA (Compressed Gas Association), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

BCD Inspection/Cleaning $20
Battery Change $10 + Parts
SCUBAPRO Computer Tech Services Please Call
SPG Service $10
SCUBAPRO Service per Stage (2 week turnaround) $35 + Parts
SCUBAPRO Rush Service (up to 3 stages) $25
SCUBAPRO First Stage Oxygen Clean $35 + Parts
Other Brands per Stage (3 week turnaround) $35 + Parts
Other Brands Rush Service Please Ask
Hydro $30
VIP $10
O2 Clean Aluminum Cylinder $10
O2 Clean Steel Cylinder $25
Valve Service (Per valve) $10 + Parts
Doubles Assembly/Dis-assembly Free with Service

For regulators other than SCUBAPRO we work with AirTech. In business since 1985 their factory trained technicians work on almost every brand available today.

Prices Subject to Change