Rental Rates

AL80 cylinder w/Air $15
AL80 cylinder w/Nitrox 32 $20
Steel Doubles w/Nitrox 32 $30
SCUBAPRO Regulator (First Stage, Primary Second Stage, Alternate Second Stage, Nitrox Computer, SPG, BPI hose) $20
SCUBAPRO BCD (weight integrated) $20
Wetsuit (5mm full suit) $15
DUI Drysuit TLS 350 (Drysuit Cert Required) $65


*Rental prices based on standard weekend rental. Pickup Friday afternoon and due back by closing Monday. Don’t hesitate to ask if you require equipment for a different timeframe.

We only rent high quality SCUBAPRO BCDs, Regulators, Computers, and Wetsuits! Our equipment is serviced in accordance with manufacturer standards and refreshed regularly.

We have over 100 Aluminum 80s available for rental.

Appropriate certification required for all rentals.

Sorry, but we don’t not rent equipment for commercial use.

Scuba Tiger reserves the right not to rent equipment at our discretion.

Prices subject to change