Stage Cave (Specialty)


The NACD Stage diving course is designed to provide the experienced Full Cave Diver the ability to increase their education, knowledge, and skills in the use of additional cylinders to extend cave penetration and bottom time. Course topics include configuring equipment to handle stage cylinders, how to properly deploy stages while minimizing cave impact, dive planning with multiple gas sources and how stage cylinders affect emergency procedures.



Purpose:  The purpose of the stage diving course is to increase the knowledge of the certified cave diver in extending their bottom times in the cave environment. For the reasons of longer penetrations, complex dives or any task requiring extended time.

Prerequisites: NACD full cave diver or equivalent and must verify the completion of 50 non-training dives depending on specialty.

Minimum Equipment: All equipment required at Full Cave level and two cylinders complete with stage rigging, first stage with SPG and one second stage.

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