Jupiter Lemon Sharks


February 24 & 25

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This time of year theLemon aggregate off Jupiter.  Dive and see these peaceful sharks in numbers like you have never seen.

Saturday & Sunday trip.  We will be diving with Jupiter Dive Center. This will be 2 boat trips (4 dives) and 1 night (double occupancy) at the hotel.

If you need cylinders select the appropriate option. Cylinder rental prices include two, filled cylinders.  You need to get them filled between boat trips.
We strongly suggest that you have Nitrox certifications.  If you don’t please check our class schedule and we can get you certified.
Because these are boat drift dives a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) is required by the dive operator.
Check the options for the appropriate date.
Prices do not include sales tax.

 Refund Policy on Trips and Other Terms and Conditions

  • No refunds on cancellations after February 17th.
  • If the dives are cancelled 24 hours before the trip down then then the cost of the trip will be refunded.
  • If the dives are cancelled the day of the trip and we have not travelled we will do our best to refund hotel costs.  Dive costs will be refunded.
  • If we make the drive down and the dives are cancelled the dive costs will be refunded but the hotel costs will not.
  • If we make the first dive and the dives for the next day are cancelled then the costs for the first dive and hotel are not refundable.  The cost of the second trip which was cancelled will be refundable.
  • If we cannot pair you up with someone in a room we may have to ask you to pay single occupancy rates
  • Trips will be cancelled and refunds given in full if there are not four divers participating in the trip.
  • For equipment rentals, you will be charged for the equipment if it leaves the shop and you travel down regardless of whether the dives happen or not.
  • We cannot guarantee sightings of any specific marine animal but will do the best working with the dive operator to get you sightings.
  • We are not responsible for water temperatures. Temperatures at Jupiter have been known to change dramatically from day to day. Please choose appropriate exposure suit.
  • We reserve the right to change the schedule and dive operator as long as we deliver the number of dives at the site specified.

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