Intro to Cave Diving


This course takes up where the Cavern Course stopped. It is a recreational cave diving course intended to teach you to safely diveĀ further into the Cave environment.



The Introduction to Cave Diving course is taught in a minimum of two days and includes and a minimum of four single tank cave dives. This course is designed to help hone those skills previously learned in cavern. New skills and procedures are taught which are needed for limited single tank cave penetration.
Purpose: To develop a cave diving proficiency within limitations of a single tank. It is for the diver who does not wish the burden of double tanks or is not interested in cave exploration and long decompression dives. It is recreational cave diving course. The course develops and establishes minimum skills, knowledge, dive planning abilities, problem solving procedures and the basic abilities necessary to safely cave dive using single cylinders.
Prerequisites: NACD cavern diver of equivalent and a minimum of 25 logged non-training dives.
Minimum Equipment: All equipment required for cavern, 71.2 cu. ft. tank with dual orifice, primary reel with 400′ of guideline, safety reel, additional first stage with a minimum five foot hose, line markers, clothes pins and an additional light for a total of three.

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