Cavern Diving


This is the beginning of your journey into overhead diving. Cavern certification further expands the Open Water Divers ability to safely enjoy our Florida Springs. Completion of this course allows limited penetration into the cavern zone. This course covers proper buoyancy, trim, propulsion techniques, reel use, light use, team awareness, and other skills necessary to diving safely in the overhead.



The cavern diving course is taught in a minimum of two days and includes classroom lectures, field exercises, open water line drills and a minimum of four cavern dives. This course emphasizes planning, procedures, environment, propulsion techniques, buoyancy skills, problem solving, equipment modification and the focuses on the specialized needs of the cavern diver.

Purpose: To teach the safe exploration of the cavern environment within specified limits. The course develops and establishes minimum skills, knowledge, dive planning abilities, problem solving procedures and the basic abilities to safely cavern dive.


Prerequisites: Advanced open water or equivalent or 15 logged non training open water dives with open water certification.
Minimum Equipment: Mask, fins, 60 cubic foot or greater single cylinder, single hose regulator with an octopus and submersible pressure gauge, exposure suit suitable for diving location, BC with power inflator, slate and tables, knife, timing device, appropriate weight, reel, two battery powered lights.

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