Apprentice to Cave Diving


The bridge between Intro and Full Cave. Apprentice is a great course for Intro Cave divers wishing to further their overhead training, but do not have time for a 4 day Full Cave course, or desire more experience before proceeding. This is a time limited training level that expires 12 months from date of issuance.



Although the NACD strongly supports and encourages the four-day Full Cave Diver course, it recognizes that some students may benefit from a program that provides for two separate two-day courses to attain the Full Cave Diver level. The Apprentice Cave Diver course is taught in a minimum of two days with a minimum of four dives in double cylinders. The emphasis of this course is an introduction to jump and gap procedures and continual improvement of the procedures, skills and emergency drills previously presented at the Cavern and Intro to Cave courses.
The Apprentice Cave Diver is considered a training level only and shall result in the issuance of a time-limited temporary card. Such temporary card shall expire of its own force and effect one year from the date of issuance. Upon expiration, the diver will be required to repeat the Apprentice Cave Diver program in full to subsequently dive at that level.
Prerequisites: NACD Introduction to Cave or equivalent.
Minimum Equipment: All equipment for Full Cave, minimum volume 142 cu. ft. in double cylinders with manifold, compass, primary light with minimum of 20 watts, two secondary reels and line arrows.

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