Whether you choose to continue your education, start a new career or add something wonderful to your life by working part-time, being a dive leader is a very rewarding experience!

Remember how it felt the first time you got in the water?

Relive that amazing time with others, share their experiences and at the same time, earn extra income!

Become an SSI Instructor!

Children’s Programs • Snorkeling • Open Water Diving • Scuba Skills Updates • Continuing Education

Being an Instructor is a career you can truly enjoy. If you are looking for a career in diving, becoming an SSI Dive Professional is the best choice you can make. SSI is the only organization that not only trains you to teach others how to dive, but also teaches what you need to know to become a key player in the industry.

We support you with a job search database, the award-winning SSI Education System, 40 years in the business, and more services than we can list. SSI encompasses over 2,400 Dive Centers and Resorts in more than 110 countries and educational materials in more than 25 languages, SSI is a major force in dive training and business support!

You can make a difference. As a dive professional you can help the diving industry continue to grow and thrive. Each new person that you train is a potential long-term customer for you, as well as the diving industry as a whole. By utilizing SSI’s advanced teaching techniques, “Comfort through Repetition” and “Diver Diamond Methodology,” you will have what it takes to develop committed, lifetime divers.

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