Cave and Technical

Extended Range programs are designed to take your diving to the next level. Whether you are looking for the excitement of deep diving, going beyond recreational diving limits, significantly extending your bottom time or enjoying the thrill of exploring deep reefs, wrecks and caves, Extended Range provides the training and experience necessary to complete your new adventure with confidence and skill.


Among the most satisfying aspects cave diving is the understanding that this is not a suitable activity for the average diver. In fact, some estimate that less than one percent of the general diving population possess the knowledge, skills, experience, attitude and judgement necessary to learn to cave dive as safely as possible. Thus, the ability to meet the high standards required for Cave Diver certification is something of which any person can be justifiably proud. If you want to push beyond the regular limits and explore the unknown underwater world come learn about our Cave Diver program.


Our Technical Extended Range Programs are true Technical Diving programs. They challenge you with multi stage unlimited decompression profiles.  Because of the nature of these extreme programs your training will be incredibly thorough and exacting. Nothing is left to chance and all bases are covered. The high level skills and knowledge during the programs are taken a step further allowing you to push not only traditional diving limits but also your own.
These are apex programs and once you have completed your training you will be the best of the best.

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