Open Water Class Itinerary

Our Open Water Certification takes place over the course of two weekends.

Weekend 1 (labeled Classroom/Pool on the schedule)

The first weekend consists of classroom academic sessions and time in a local pool. On Saturday you will meet at Scuba Tiger at 8am and we will fill out paper work, watch Risk Awareness videos and start a review of the important information that you learned in the online course you completed prior to the start of the weekend.  On Saturday afternoon you will join us at a local pool for confined water training.

On Sunday we will meet at Scuba Tiger and continue academic review and take the final test.

CLASSROOM @ Scuba Tiger
Saturday 8 AM – 11 AM
Sunday 8 AM – 12 PM

POOL @ Cecil Aquatics Center
Saturday 1 PM – 5 PM

Weekend 2 (labeled Checkout Dives on the schedule)

The second weekend takes place at two springs in the Williston, FL area.  On both days we will start at 8am.  On both days we will conduct two open water training dives.  We suggest you bring lunch both days as there is usually no food option available.

On Sunday, after the two dives are complete, you will be a certified Open Water Diver.  We will then conduct a third dive in which you will not be under instruction but enjoying your first dive as a certified diver.

Saturday 8AM –  3PM
Blue Grotto
3852 N. E. 172nd Court
Williston, FL 32696

Sunday 8AM – 3PM
Devil’s Den
5390 N. E. 180th Ave
Williston, FL 32696

Q. Can I take my classes on different weekends?

A. Yes, you can take the Classroom/Pool one weekend and take the Checkout Dives a different weekend.

Q. Can we do our checkout dives in the ocean?

A. We do not conduct checkout dives off Jacksonville for a variety of reasons.  However we can, with enough participation, take the Checkout Dives offshore Fort Lauderdale.  Discuss this with the shop.

Check out our full Open Water Dive schedule at —>

*Schedule and locations subject to change by the instructor.