Air Quality Tests

Air Quality Test

We care about what goes in your SCUBA cylinders…you should too. We have our air sampled on a quarterly basis by Lawrence Factor Labs certifying that our air is absolutely the highest quality for your diving pleasure.

View the Certificates and Reports that we receive from an independent testing agency.

For Filling Compressed Gas Containers Using Air to Produce Nitrox or Oxygen-Enriched Gas Mixtures.

  • Oxygen: 20% to 22% (balance of gas predominantly nitrogen)
  • Water vapor:128 ppm (v/v) -40 ºF Dew Point
  • Condensed hydrocarbons: 0.1 mg/m 3
  • Gaseous hydrocarbons (methane): 25 ppm
  • Solid particulate: none >2µm
  • Carbon monoxide: 2 ppm
  • Carbon dioxide: 500 ppm
  • Odor: none
  • Sampling Frequency: Quarterly

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