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Course Overview

Our courses are taught in four easy phases.

Home Study - After you receive the training materials at the shop you study the materials at home. The kits have both a book and a DVD. You can use either or both. At the end of every chapter (six total) will be a set of questions. Answer the questions. After you have finished all chapters transfer the answers to the answer sheets at the back. These are given to the instructor and retained as part of your student record.

Classroom - Our instructor led classroom sessions are conducted in three parts. The first part is on a Friday night. You will return Saturday morning. At the end of the session on Saturday the instructor will make sure you have all the equipment you need and show you how to assemble it. Then you break for lunch. After lunch you will head for your first pool session. The next morning you will convene in the classroom for your final academic session. After that you will have your final afternoon pool sesssion.

Pool Practice Sessions - We have our pool practice sessions at one of three pools depending on availability.

  • Cecil Field Aquatic Center
  • Church of the Good Shepard
  • Blue Grotto Pool
You will be provided the pool location and directions prior to your class staringt.

Open Water Dives - We conduct our first day of open water dives at the Blue Grotto facility in Williston. The next day we do a drift dive down Rainbow River starting at KP Hole State Park.

We usually stay at a local hotel in the local area. The hotel is not part of the class fee. We will provide you a list and usually everyone stays at the same place. It's cheaper to stay than drive back and forth.

XP-H Dive Computer
Our Price: $475.00
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Nautilus Lifeline
Our Price: $299.00

A Brand new addition to the SUBGEAR line, XP-H is an air integrated,version of the XP10 computer with several exciting new features...

Dive safety just changed forever with the introduction of the Nautilus LifeLine a compact sleek radio GPS for divers that is depth rated to 425 feet. You can use it as a full featured marine VHF radio to chat with your friends, or ask for help on CH16 from ANY boat around you within an 8 mile. And most important of all, it is built with DSC compatibility allowing you to broadcast an alarm and your GPS position to every vessel in range that is equipped with a modern VHF marine radio.
Incredible Diving - Reef Divers provides first-class “valet” service, top-rated equipment and a modern fleet of dive boats. Picture Perfect Surroundings. Amazing Adventures.
Our Price: $539.00
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Snorkel Package
Our Price: $125.00
Package Special $125.00
Aladin 2G Computer
Our Price: $545.00
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Balanced second stage with diver adjustable venturi Whether you snorkel the reefs at Keys, Florida's fresh water springs or gather scallops at Steinhatchie this package has everything you need for a fun snorkel dive. Engineered for technical divers who want specific features for total freedom in full safety.
Enriched Air Nitrox
Our Price: $125.00
Our Price: $539.00
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MK11/C200 White
Our Price: $425.00
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Have you ever dreamed of having longer no-decompression limits to take pictures or explore a wreck? Did you ever want to be safer while diving concerning the potential risk of decompression sickness?

Nitrox is the key. Due to the reduced fraction of nitrogen in your breathing gas, your body will have less work and the desaturation times will be reduced.

Our MK17/C300 regulator combines the new OFD technology with the sturdiness of our balanced diaphragm first stage. Our compact Mk11/C200 System offers great breathing performance in a compact and lightweight package
Glide Pro
Our Price: $738.00
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A fully-adjustable jacket with integrated weight system and numerous comfort features.

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